Yellowfin Tuna is one of the most coveted species and ultimately desired in the USA market. This high value product is also known as 'AHI TUNA" which in Hawaiin means Red. Yellowfin Tuna has a high oil content, with delicate meat, full flavored rich creamy taste and buttery texture.

Mahi Mahi

Mahi Mahi is a popular fish which is best served grilled or baked. Frozen Premium mahi has a pinkish color with a steak firm bite. A very mild fish that goes great in tacos or a center of the plate meal. Our natural Mahi can be processed according to your specifications

Sword Fish

Swordfish, also known as Mekajiki in Japanese, is a well-known sashimi cuisine. The meat is creamy white to pinkish. It has a high oil content and firm texture. This fish is also enjoyed grilled.


Snapper comes in many different species. From Crimson to Scarlett we process this coveted species in Indonesia under strict QC and QA guidelines following all FDA regulations. Snapper fillets are rich in flavor and coveted by USA chefs for food service

Who We Are

Black-fin Seafood is a joint venture founded by seafood industry veterans Doug Brinsmade and his partner Raju Selvan, who owns two processing plants in Phuket,  Thailand. Together, they are pioneering ethical sourcing and traceability in the tuna business.

We believe in Sustainability, Food Safety, Business Ethics and Customer Service. Thanks to this partnership we are able to deliver high quality seafood products to our customers, processed and packed under international HACCP standards. 

Some of Our Partner Certifications
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In addition, as part of our commitment to giving back, we have partnered with the “People Feeding People” program. For every box of fish sold, Black-Fin Seafood Company pledges to provide one meal for a hungry child who does not have a parent to lean on. The mission is to empower consumers to make a difference by choosing Black-Fin Seafood, as they take pride in being a platform for individuals to exercise their power to feed someone in need and create a positive impact on the world.


In an effort to continuously improve our seafood sustainability, we will be working with Sustainable Fisheries Partnership to utilize their expertise in assessing our supply chain. This initial step will help us to analyze our value chain, gather detailed information on our sourcing, and identify areas for potential improvements. We chose to work with SFP considering their approach to sustainable seafood, which leverages seafood buyers and the supply chain to protect fisheries, ecosystems, and fishing communities. Being in the middle of this global system gives us a unique opportunity to make an impact.


To make BlackFin's name synonymous with good, healthy, safe and reliable seafood


To constantly supply good, clean and sustainable seafood products at competitive prices, while providing a stable source of growth and income for all our staff and their families and positively contributing to our community.


We always endeavour to work closely with our customer to produce high quality products


To make BlackFin synonymous with good , safe, healthy & reliable seafood

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